"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness"
-John Muir

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi there!

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We are In Search of Wild.

I'm Angela.

My interests include clean eating and cooking, making jewelry,

and keeping up an online presence for our Etsy shop, In Search of Wild.

This is Brock.

He's a wildlife biologist, a talented artist,

and a pretty good mandolin player.

We're inspired by wilderness

and our two wild little boys.

For our purposes here, we'll call them by their nicknames...

This is Bug.

He's four years old and is obsessed with dinosaurs.

And this is Bean.

He's seven and he loves science and reading.

They both spend inordinate amounts of time playing Legos
(Brock and I like Legos too).

We also have two grumpy old mutts, Juni and Mo.

Together our favorite past time is finding adventure
across the beautiful American west.

Please re-visit us here frequently to be a part of our adventures-- 
wilderness, culinary, artistic, Etsy-related, and otherwise...

In Search of Wild

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